Azure Hybrid Cloud Migrations

We work with Microsoft-based startups, small businesses and Fortune 100 sized enterprises.

We develop Cloud strategies in Azure, implement modern technology solutions and integrate systems with Azure, to help our clients businesses grow faster.

We've architected ultra-scale multi-tenant SaaS solutions to host 50,000+ businesses, serving millions of global users and handling billions of transactions every year. In parallel, we've migrated hundreds of servers, databases & applications to Azure, handling terabytes of data & complex infrastructure on Cloud.

Agile & Lean Focus

We are 100% Agile focused company using Scrum for Development.

Everything done follows Agile to the core. It starts with defining right roles in each team, to right Sprint Planning, to running Retrospective meetings for continuously improving team's performance. I combine an Agile approach with a Lean philosophy - that whatever we do has to add value to client's business or else we don't do it. Be it starting with a Minimum Viable Product sprint, instead of full-scale 1-year implementation plan.

Our Process

We follow regimented business processes and best practices in everything we do. We also strive to provide you with the most visibility by being transparent in everything we do.

Push Infrastructure To Cloud and Adopt Auto-Scale And Pay-on-the-Go Functionalities

Cloud is provisioned with Servers, Storage, Identity, Networking, IT processes, Security services and is compliant with your existing IT Infrastructure. Thus, your IT teams can best manage Infrastructure with Major Cost Savings and devise speedy Marketing techniques.

Our Infrastructure Consulting team helps global Businesses to shift IT Infrastructure & its management overheads to Enterprise cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure. Our clients enjoy usage-based charges for highly scalable IT infrastructure with SLA-managed by Microsoft completely.

Get Auto-Scaling and Low-Cost On-Demand Infrastructure with IaaS

The Azure IaaS environment provides low-cost Infrastructure. It is available on-demand and provisioned to handle infrastructural needs. IaaS is analogous to create your on premise infrastructure on cloud, except that it is completely on-demand, and Pay-as-you-go.

Our Infrastructure consulting team helps Enterprises for fuss-free movement to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-service. Your IT team will thus focus more on generating greater value for customers & business, while the Azure IaaS will take care of Infrastructure stresses including Servers, Storage, Identity, Security, Networking and Compliance.

Migrate Infrastructure & Workloads to Azure Cloud Platform

Leverage Azure Cloud to exploit abounding benefits of IaaS and PaaS. With Azure Cloud services at your disposal, you can smoothly Migrate & Manage Your IT infrastructure on cloud; Host customer applications, data and infrastructure with 24X7 availability; Get low-cost Identity, Backup and Network infrastructure Services; Enjoy Proactive Support and Maintenance from Azure.

Microsoft Azure Experts at Unger work with enterprises in their Cloud Migration initiatives. Our Azure Migration Solutions help enterprises to seamlessly host their existing infrastructure on Azure Cloud making it more flexible and auto-scale as per demand.

Migrate Legacy ASP. Net Line-of-Business Applications to Azure

Re-host your Legacy ASP. Net based Line-of-Business Applications on Azure for significant infrastructural cost savings. The application logic will run on pay-per-use model along with on-demand infrastructure provisioning. Enterprises can enjoy very high managed SLAs from Microsoft as they will take care of the whole infrastructural needs, without any additional overheads or expenses.

Our clients have successfully adopted our Legacy Modernization services to migrate their existing Legacy Applications to Azure Cloud. Our team of Azure Development Experts have helped clients re-host their legacy applications and resources in a virtual environment on Azure.