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Microsoft Sharepoint

Award Winning Design Development Services Technologies such as SharePoint are feature rich and set the standard higher with each new release. But frequently out of the box just isn't enough. You need special, custom, bespoke, because you have unique challenges, requirements and goals. We develop enterprise technology that fills needs, meets requirements and delivers a return on you investment. By utilizing technologies like SharePoint and Microsoft Azure we maximize the use of core functionality and services already in place to focus your development budget on the custom work that will really make a difference.

Effective SharePoint development needs the right system design so our development projects follow our Agile methodology which assures delivery of client needs.

SharePoint and .NET development - SharePoint is an extremely open platform and enables our development teams to quickly build custom components and applications. Over the years of providing custom SharePoint developments we've created our own frameworks and templates to optimize the speed of deployment of customer solutions, while still ensuring exceptional digital experiences.

Expert guidance for SharePoint deployment - We offer a number of "deployment planning services", in conjunction with Microsoft, to ensure our clients systems support the varied demands placed on them by users.

SharePoint Branding & Design Services - Don't compromise your brand on your SharePoint Intranet or SharePoint Website when we are experts in SharePoint branding and design. No matter what version of SharePoint, we can deliver exceptional visual interfaces to make your brand shine on SharePoint.

SharePoint Intranet & Website Design for Better User Experience & Adoption - When SharePoint is one of your central internal applications that you want people to use on a daily basis, it's very important that they can interact with a vibrant, branded digital environment that will make them want to engage and adopt the solution. Whether applying your brand to a SharePoint website or designing for SharePoint Intranets, SharePoint has its own intricacies. While out-of-the-box SharePoint provides form and functionality you need to increase business productivity, we believe a great user experience is key to increasing SharePoint user adoption. We use User Centered Design (UCD) techniques in all our designs. It's easy to create a beautiful looking site and forget about the reason you are creating it; UCD not only analyses how users are likely to use an interface, but also tests the validity of their assumptions through usability testing.