Software Development

Develop Cutting Edge Custom Web-Applications Using C#, MVC, AngularJS, and Azure 

We keep up to date on the latest services and offering from Microsoft religously. We cover the entire spectrum from analysis, reporting, infrastructure, networking, security, data, single sign on, computing, backup and archive retention as well as disaster recovery planning and implementaiton. We save you massive time and money allowing you to fully utilize what the Microsoft Azure Cloud has to offer.

Most Enterprises have already adopted a cloud strategy. They've deployed cutting-edge cloud based Web & Mobile Applications. Enterprises still running legacy apps need to deploy cloud native custom web-applications. This will boost both customer experience and give significant savings in infrastructural overheads.

Our web applications development experience allows for businesses to upgrade their age old legacy applications to the latest and greatest technologies available. We use the full Microsoft and Open Source stack including C#, Asp.Net vNext, MVC, AngularJS, WebAPI, Nuget, Lint, Bower, HTML5 to modernize current on premise applications. Our Hybrid applications development solutions leverage Azure IaaS & PaaS for legacy apps modernization. Enterprises can thus boost consistent user experience with these cutting edge technologies.

We Architect and Build-out High-Availability Multi-Tenant Cloud SaaS applications leveraging Azure PaaS

Stay focused on accelerating business growth. Leverage Azure PaaS as your tool for Competitive Advantage. Deploy Multi-tenant Cloud SaaS applications on Azure PaaS at a fraction of cost and time. Build custom B2B products and Enterprise Applications for Web & Mobile at a rapid space.

We help enterprises with Microsoft Azure development solutions and Azure application development services. We help create Enterprise-grade applications to automatically scale according to changing market needs.

Data Reporting and Analytics 

We are experts in reporting, data metrics and analysis, cubing, warehousing and advanced reporting via the web or desktop applications. SSRS, Telerik and Tableau.